I really know how painful and stressful toothaches could be, I have been in your shoes before. If you are reading this just know that you find the best home remedies for toothache in case of an emergency may be at night or when you don’t really have the cash to see a doctor.
 I decided to discuss and share my own methods with you in  this article because I know it will go a long way to save my readers from the sudden pains of toothache most especially at home.
Most effective home remedies to reduce toothache!
For some of us, salt and warm water is an effective first-line treatment we do carry out in other to reduce the pressure of toothache. Salt and warm water are said to be a natural disinfectant that can be capable of removing food particles that may have been glued in between your teeth. Salt and water can be of help to some persons not everyone passing through the pains of a toothache. So it doesn’t work for you then try out the second and third solutions I shared below!
This may also help to relieve the pains and any discomfort you are having in your teeth. Adding to that, it is also a very active agent for destroying bacterias,
Please before applying it make sure you properly dilute the hydrogen peroxide. By mixing the 3 percent of the hydrogen peroxide with small water. Afterward, apply it at that area of your tooth which is hurting you most… I assure you that something different will happen in your health.


Garlic has said to be seen by most people as a traditional and natural toothache reliever, garlic also has the abilities to destroy any bacterias it comes across with living under your tooth. The use of garlic to reduce toothache worked for me. I could remember when I was in a bad condition due to a toothache, during my time I couldn’t eat or drink anything cold or hot. In fact, I was totally uncomfortable with the situation I was into, even when I tried so many herbal drugs as recommended by relatives, all efforts were in vain.

Portrait of young handsome guy solated on gray background, his face distorted and hands pressed to cheek as he is experiencing severe tooth ache and worries about it

I decided relating my toothache issues to my friend because I never wanted anyone apart from my parents to know exactly what am passing through. But I had no choice but to voice it out to my friend.

The guy told me to look for where to get garlic while emphasizing on how effective it could be,

Guys!!! to my greatest surprised it stopped the pains immediately after 10 minutes. I decided to use the garlic method until when I save enough cash to visit a dentist for the crowning of the tooth.

TO USE THE GARLIC METHOD, orel off the back then gently place it at that area you are having the pains, chew, and crush it gently. Believe it, you will be happy about what the reaction will be after a few minutes.

It worked for me and it will work out for you too.


Please don’t in any way may be out of pains try removing the tooth, sometimes it does more harm than good. Once you successfully remove the first one, you might even end up removing the whole of your teeth still the pains wouldn’t live you….so my advice to you is after trying the methods I shared out above and you are still not okay. please visit a professional dentist for check-ups.

I strongly believe this article would be helpful! 

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