“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn In life is to love and be loved in return”!

This is the story of a girl I love back then in 2017, though

I’ve been in relationship severally in my life,

But this particular one happened in such a way I never expected and this remains the most romantic stories I have ever experienced !!,

throwback February 2017 She was a very close friend to my brother While they were too friendly to each other I had only seen her once and that was on my way to work, I didn’t really say much to her as I was very late already…I think I managed to get a few hellos and hy but nothing more than that.

The next time we met was in the month of May. To be honest I don’t really remember that night much and her issues with my brother, since I was blackout and drunk I managed to walk up to her, smiled with my unusual sexy eyes, at that moment her looks gave me, impressions that she enjoys my presence.😋

and things seemed to be ok between her and my bro, and that’s how my conversation with her started. at that point we exchanged contacts and we were all chatting online and to me, this was a great way to start something serious with her!.

We started doing almost everything in common, and the more time I spent with her the more closer and comfortable she feels to be with me. though There were few ladies around me too, I couldn’t even explain why I was with her alone!

But one thing was clear, I felt like I had some sort of bond with her, like I could connect with her in a way that I couldn’t be with other Ladies.😍

our relationship progressed much more during 2017 Xmas eve, though I had one of my depressive episodes because I lost my job and totally ended up living my life as if I’m destined to never be happy.

And that kept her been too worried, She ended up calling and texting me just for her to be sure am not depressed and bored through my male friends were really those who know how much shit I was into, each time I talked about my disappointment with her I feel much more comfortable maybe because she seemed to have the most perfect response to almost everything about me. After some weeks I felt a little bit better about myself it was already January..2018

We decided to hang out once a week, usually in a group of people. At this point, I considered her a very close friend of mine, and without wanting to sound like a white knight .. I felt like I wanted to look out for her attitudes as much as possible for some months. But In that group, a guy was already dripping and trying to get her, And how he acts around her made me feel more jealous, though I wasn’t too sure why I felt so strongly towards her. But I was convinced within me that she might find me attractive too.😎😃

And the fact I couldn’t say anything or do anything about it really got to my brain, it started to bring back my depression. I don’t usually get angry, and I never used to self-harm. But the only thing I could think of doing was punching myself

I was In a very bad state mentally.😪

And this was toward the start of February 2018 now. My brother asked me if I like her, which I replied with, “I don’t know” I feel as if because” she used to be your closest friend” I said! He was surprised and didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he told me to ask her out and get her for myself!

and I had decided that I was going to tell her that I liked her. I have never been in a relationship with someone at this point. Never even held another girl’s hand, let alone kissed one, but I thought to myself how could she ever want to date someone like me who is depressed, with extreme anger issues!

she’s a genius, average in height, not fat and not too slim, chocolate in color, a pretty lady I always call her.. and she is still the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, every time I talk to her. All of my troubles just seemed to disappear, and I can just be myself, and happy for a change.

I put quite a lot of thought into how I was going to tell her. I was going to do it the day before Valentine. Under the tree we usually go to, I wasn’t drinking that night as I wanted her to take it seriously.

I had quite a few opportunities to tell her that night. I ended up getting too nervous. But I ended up telling her how exactly I felt about her! and She said, it was a lot for her to take in is not the right time for her to date but even if she would,…. that she will need more time to think about it.🤨

It took two really long and nerve-wracking days. Before she agreed to see me.. something she had never done! That day I was under pressure,! I was really anxious, even having stomach pains. Couldn’t even stop shaking, I wasn’t sure if I should go or not, I was quite muddy that day. We met at Mountain, just under the tree we usually hang out in. I couldn’t start a conversation for shit, thankfully she did most of the talking and at that point i asked her if it was OK, I grab her “hand”, she nodded in acceptance that was when I told her to give me a chance in her life and for her to also change her mind of staying too long before dating,

she became speechless at that moment with her eyes directly to mine she accepted with a “YES” it was so amazing that moment 😄. I was more than excited and as it was the first date vibes…. The both of us decided to visit one of the cinema   to watch the popular love movie” “REHMONA”.and that moment Our love keeps on increasing in seconds even when we still wanted to take things slowly but we couldn’t resist the urge we have for each other and out of excess emotions I kissed her as she felt the warmness of my hands she melted and she couldn’t stop the kisses💕

aww… and that was soo romantic was it not?😁yes, it was.😍

I also know that it must have happened to most people this way, it might also be possible that misunderstanding must have destroyed the first love you had 😪 but when next you find the right person keep him/her and never play with anyone’s feeling ..everyone deserves to be love and adore!

also one of the most fulfilling things you could ever experience in life is to fall deeply in love with the person your heartbeat for 💕.

Dedicated to my wonderful 
friends out there …..
I love you all💖

Thanks for your time 🙏


Written By: ✍️ CHUKWU GODWIN C.!


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