Guys this has been one of the questions bothering you most times about your girlfriend right? Your doubts would be cleared soon. My encounter with most ladies has given me the experience of the few things I will be sharing here with you.
Is so obvious that a good number of ladies in our society these days will always claim to be virgins when they are not. this is most common in my own country Nigeria. To be more realistic on this topic, getting to be sure if your girlfriend is still a virgin or not that easy as you think, it doesn’t have any specific answer till you sleep with her.
Lady’s lifestyle most times are too complicating so I will be sharing out few things based on her attitudes which you need to check out for in other to clear your doubts.
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(1) • Virgins tend to be more stubborn the always act weird on any little issues, and most times this can be really annoying but you need to have a high level of understanding and tolerance in order to be cool with her. and the worst mistake you could ever do is trying to ask her directly if she is still a virgin or not, guys you don’t have to ask such question. Only that question can make her dislike you for the rest of her life, so don’t ever bring up such or related topic for peace to reign. Wait till she gives you permission to sleep with her, but even at that, understand that real virgins are very stubborn and sometimes annoying.
(2)• This set of girls doesn’t believe you love them even if you try making attempt to prove it, you might even end up doing everything you can  but the won’t still believe in you. The only thing that will be running through their minds is, “you only asked her out just to sleep with her and dump her”😋. Such mindset wouldn’t let anything to work out between the both of you till she trusts you.
(3)• A girl who is a virgin will always want to be around you, they are always good at doing that😃 and the wouldn’t like you to talk about anything sex. The only thing she might permit you doing is just kissing if possible, even if she finally change her mind about having sex, it will always be with someone who they are more confident with, someone they love and trust❤️ . so be smart enough to show her how responsible you are and that will give her reasons to trust and love you back in return. please don’t pressurize a virgin to sleep with you is not advisable to do such. Instead, give her more time to feel comfortable with you. Don’t be among those guys who will take away a lady’s virginity then dump her for someone else it hurts.  Please be properly guided!!!
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