Sometimes it said that self-awareness always opens up to a person’s consciousness to what their strengths and weaknesses, which in turn enables them to manage their emotions better. And self discovery could be said as the process of learning about oneself and blief.

 However,the journey to self-discovery isn’t an easy one,
But you can start from a single step by trying to answer the question “WHO AM I”

 The question might seem ridiculous at first,but  you’ll realize it’s even harder to provide an honest answer .you have to focus on the things that make up your personality and attempt answering this question.and  If possible, have a notebook beside you. 

write down the things that define you. It shouldn’t be things  like your job. But let it be things that make you happy, or simple things like the kind of fears you have.
And by so doing you can equally discover what your passions,Strengths and flaws are.

This can work out effectively if one could create time to be on a self isolation,

Though it can be difficult to have some personal quiet time but you have no choice than to intentionally pick out a day or two to be with your thoughts as a step in the right direction on your journey to self-discovery.
When you discover who you are, Trust me you will find more peace,joy, happiness and success will locate you even more  faster than ever before.

 take an action today!!! and discover your true self.😊
Thanks for your time.🙏

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