Most men can’t even last upto 10mins in bed , maybe due to poor Libido and this will always keep your wife unhappy and worried, it can even make her to start disliking you. This particular poor performance in bed has destroyed so many Relationships, but yours wouldn’t be destroyed. We have got you indeed. we have come up with a a prescription to make your relationship a sweeter one.
First, you can visit any of the Yoruba herbs sellers and buy “Gbeyinro” and “Aidan Toro”
Just cut them into pieces and put them in a bowel containing water , soak them for some time, then you can start drinking it in the morning before breakfast.Also get an  unripe plaintain at least 3 or 4 , slice them after pilling, then spray them outside to  dry up.after that grind them Into powder.
 measure two spoonful of the grinded powder and 4  spoonful of  honey ,mix them together and drink them at all,repeat this method for three days and I promise you your weak Libido will be a story of the past and your woman will always demand for more✊😍,
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