Nigerian students have been so worried to go back to school, most of them have been blasting the net with different questions like.
When will school resume?
When will Asuu end the strike? 
Are we going to continue the session from where we stopped? Or wait till next year? And many more similar questions the have get used to asking…
When I interviewed a few numbers of my friends studying in different Nigerian institutions of learning to ask them what their stay at home experience looks like! What the told me was so touching I really felt it too because I am also a student like them and, to be honest, it has not been easy for us.
Am sharing out their replies with you for you to be more. encouraged. Don’t think maybe you are the only one who is passing through this difficult experience.
Here Is A 200 level Student Of University of Nigeria Nsuka,
Speaking with the young man he clearly stated that
“It has not been easy for me, there’s nothing like much freedom of movement in my state where I reside.
He further, lamented how the People who traveled out from Nigeria to China came back with a  foreign disease called COVID-19.
  Which brought hindrance to his 1st-semester session, living everyone indoors😪 without any special assistance from the government.
Adding  that Joel said that “the situation has made him find more time to work on his online business which he expects mouth-watering cash before the end of the pandemic👌😊
 Also shared there own stay at home experience. The wrote! 
Since the president of Nigeria, Buhari ones said that “Nigerian youths are lazy” I haven’t been happy with the president, one the boys said!…and no be we “cause Nigeria economy breakdown na, so we gats to work even if thee president don’t see how hardworking we are. we must work provided cash is involved!
the duo also added that they have used the stay at home opportunity to work on themselves because FUTO their school doesn’t give them much time for doing anything else if not reading and reading 😃 . “and because of the stay at home order,  their competence to come up with more ideas adding to there usual freestyles,songs, dancing and grooving has increased, promoting there marlians community & there blog site effectively, which the belive will pay them off soon…one of them even went further to say  “he wished the school wouldn’t even resume so soon as he spend much time to improve more on his ability to study more about his web development skills.
She is my wonderful friend and also a100 level student of Imo  State University (IMSU),  I decided to know she also feel about the quarantine order.
While discussing with her this morning she said her worst part of the COVID-19 order is staying indoors doing nothing, but she disclosed that she has already  requested for more movies to watch while the COVID-19 policy last 🤣
A 3rd-year student Of the University of Lagos state. (UNILAG) , on his own, he cried out on how horrible the quarantine era is treating him, he never wishes to experience such in his life again, he added that even when the dreaded virus has shut down a whole lot of business, but he is still grateful to God for how far he has gone.
According to precious, he said he maximized the sit at  home order to build an online firm for himself, most especially deriving high level of skills to monetize his writing and technical skills,
The young entrepreneur further stated that ” he doesn’t see any difference in each day because of the lockdown. and everyday na day, no single difference😃 Even NEPA people are more quarantined. He stated.
So guys during this lockdown era what have you discovered about yourself so far? What have you been into in other to kill boredom share it here with us!
Drop your own experience with us below !!