Most times we women always wish to hook up with someone who sounds good and looks charming that’s every woman’s dream. However, it is also necessary for us to analyze our own personalities first and also have a good preference of the kind of man we would want to spend our life with.
Though there are so many guys out there, and each one of them would teach you something different which would either help your relationship positively or negatively.
 But even at that with the few points, I listed out below you will be able to dictate the kind of guy you want or currently into a relationship with. Getting to know the kind of guy are you dating would enable you to either continue with the Relationship or abandon it.
This set of persons are just for you. .if you are the type of lady who loves to socialize with people, These type of men will prefer their lady to be well dressed most especially in the latest designs of wears when going out for a date. the are always fun to be with, you won’t regret the fact you meet them.
2. A sympathetic type
This set of guys are more of being compassionate and believes in a selfless attitude towards their friends. the love carrying anyone around them along in everything they do, this set of guys spend much time on helping people the found on there way, they are very sweet to be with. They will always take care of your moods and keep you happy always, the wouldn’t want anything to bother you. They will be always there for you, always keeping their promises but hate it when you Betray their trust, even when they look so sweet a good number of these sympathetic guys can be hot-tempered too, So if you must be with him then you have to avoid getting him upset.
3.Shy type
Most times you find out that this set of men are undoubtedly handsome and always honest. The will never disclose what their issues are until they are forced to do so very shy indeed.  the will always try to have a very wonderful date with you. 
These guys will always put on smiles on people’s faces just like the social ones who keep everyone as friends. They will make sure that your day is full of fun. and being with them will make you feel excited. They are joy givers, and they make attractive romantic partners. Also, know that this set of guys don’t take things seriously, there will always be a good number of girls who need him so Most times funny guys easily break up their relationship for no reason just to hang out with someone only takes a girl who doesn’t feel jealous of everything he does to have a beautiful relationship with him.
Such people are much older with so many life experiences than you think. the will always want to be advising you like a daughter. you may even likely to depend on them for survival. your preference matters most for such persons, that’s if at all you need a guiding angel as a husband then you have to go for them. They are very good at making the best husband in marriage.
I advise you to run away from such a guy if you ever notice he fell into this category because the relationship won’t work. it is nice to save your hearts from many pains! This set of persons are unemotional, they do not take anything about your feelings seriously, the will always love sex more than your future, and will often Make a mockery of your flaws.the are very strict and overprotective.
Whatever it might be, don’t ever disguise your personality just to please someone you had like to stay with, for a bad relationship can bring more stress in life than any good thing. Meeting the right partner can sometimes be much difficult but don’t because of such believe allow yourself to be depressed for the sake of love, be thankful to God for the blessings you have acquired so far even when you are yet to find the right one spend time to train your mind, learn more about yourself, and work on your passions with that life can be more fun to you than sorrows.
I hope this article would build your choice of man?
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Written by: Charity peter✓