Yes I understand that We all want to protect ourselves from this deadly COVID-19 virus
But the question is do you think Bar soap is safe to use in this pandemic period?

 Though some persons are very comfortable using liquid soap and running water to wash their hands during this COVID-19  pandemic, but what about the bar soap? 
However, Bar soap as we all know, it’s more manageable to find and usually economical than liquid soap. and can be utilized to rinse hands and body. But how do you feel when you see most people around you using it? Do you think it is hygienic and sure to use during the pandemic? 

But I have to clear the doubt which would also sound like a piece of wonderful news to you😊

Now I need you to understand that bar Soap works against the COVID-19 virus because it has the ability to eradicate the lipid layer that encloses the virus.

According to Biological science research, it has indicated that a virus can’t survive on any soap,  That’s why I urged you to wash your hands with bar soap and water as often as possible even if there is no cash to get the liquid one.

Also, take note of this!, Don’t replace bar soap with sanitizers, who you have money also get one of the sanitizers too,  is also effective as soap in eliminating Virus, don’t forget to put on your facemask, also maintain social and physical distancing as directed by the  Centers for Disease Control.

always stay safe❤️✊ as we deliver the needed and relevant articles to you 24/7 as fresh as it is, always shares out to your friends and family you might end up saving someone’s life today with this!

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