one of the most vital thing in any living creature to live and survive is Food. According to Biology food is the intake of anything Liquid or solid for the sole purpose of improving one’s physical, emotional, and mental condition.

But in today’s discussion, we won’t be talking about Humans, it would be based on Healthy diets for your Dogs because most times it always feels good and nice when your pets are given the best feeding. 😊

Here we go!

1. Meats

The meat most especially the Organs and glands are very nutrient boosters. Which are made up of the liver, kidneys, brain, and heart. They all contained Vitamins, amino acids, and irons.always try to include them in your Dog’s diets.

(2) Bone Broth

This provides proteins for your dog, also fight hormones and muscles break down. it also Improves digestion and helps in curing asthma symptoms and chronic inflammation! Bone broths are very rich in macro-minerals (calcium and phosphorus) which also boosts the immune system.

(3) Eggs

Eggs are widely regarded as the nutritive powerhouse of the proteinous foods. And they are very easy to include in your dog’s diet.the are very good at supplying the body with a High-quality protein and amino acids. The cholesterol in eggs usually regulates cholesterol in the body, liver, and brains.

(5)  Milk (RAW)

The last and the healthiest food for dogs on my list is, Raw milk is one of the most nutritious foods around. Which contains, Fat-soluble, vitamins A, D and K2, Probiotics and digestive enzymes, Protein/amino acids, Minerals.

The health benefits of raw milk can not be overemphasized’s been shown to enhance the immune system and reduce allergies, It can even assist to rebuild he leaky gut and promotes better skin health…

Why don’t you give it a trial and watch your Dogs grow in such a way you will love it!