Jealousy is a diverse emotion which is made up of bitterness, anxiety, and general lack of self-worth. Having such emotion can destroy your wellbeing both mentally, socially, and physically. But I am here to assist you with effective tips.

1. Firstly, You need to find out why you are jealous!
 After going through the research process, you might be acknowledged that having extremely low self-esteem or being in a harmful friendship can provoke a lot of jealousy. And all you need to do is to run away from such a relationship that will always make you underate your personality.

2.create time to improve your identity
When you start acting on everything thing that’ has to do with you, trust me you won’t have a place for jealousy in your heart.and each time you start having that emotions of jealousy quickly replace them with positive thoughts.why would you keep on envying other people success? When you are supposed to be working on yourself.

3. Be open-minded, it helps a lot to tackle jealousy
Most times it is said that a problem shared is a problem half-solved, in the essence of this, try to talk to someone you trust about what your difficulty is, it will relieve that pressure and anger of jealousy in you. when you Keep friends who can give you reasonable advice in time of difficulty then understand that their knowledge can find you a decent way to survive that spirit of jealousy in you.

4.  Stop comparing yourself with most of the successful persons around you, you might not know their full story.
This is another beneficial means that you can apply today to deal with jealousy .you should stop minding about what your friends are doing a very long time ago because it can tarnish your future, don’t rush into a particular business may be because your friends are making out cash from it, create time and find where exactly your talent lies. you should know that people success comes at their own perfect time. and if your friend got a nice car this year, maybe tomorrow will be yours. stop eating up yourself today and be happy for how far you have gone in life, many weren’t opportune to acquire what you have today.
Be grateful to God and proceed with working towards achieving your goals.

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