Sometimes we think it does no longer exist unlike the early days such as the 1970s and 1980s, but believe me, it does! It can be mostly seen in most of the primitive areas in part of the country where young girls of about eighteen years old and below are forced by parents to get married. This early marriage am talking about has become one of the most troublesome relationships in our society.

Before I proceed with the effects of early marriage in our country, permit me to point out the possible causes of early marriage.







Marriage Is it said is an accepted union, social and legal agreement between two “MATURED INDIVIDUALS ” that binds their lives lawfully, economically, and emotionally……Trust me all this has to do with a matured minds not inexperienced persons.


• Domestic violence

This remains the most and common negative effect of early marriage. A girl or maybe the wife often becomes the punching bag of the husband, he wouldn’t listen to her excuses his main aim is to beat her up, yea because he still believes she is inexperience and he knows that a young lady of below twenty years of age, can’t resist any of this violent actions of an older husband. believe me, Such a circumstance is very dangerous for psychological fitness.

•Unable to complete her Education which results in illiteracy

When it comes to early marriage there is every tendency that the female counterpart might not complete her education thereby making her to be uncivilized. Most parents believe that girls don’t need education, but gone are those days. Every gender has to be up and doing when it comes to Academics…please parents get of such thoughts out your minds, Let’ bring out the best in young ladies.

• Early marriage shuts women’s massive potentials to assist to solve global crises

To be more realistic, It is horrible that in this 21st century there are still issues of early marriages. This situation is especially harmful to girls who believe that their only objective is to satisfy their husbands. The wouldn’t be opportune on how to get a better solution to the global crises all because of early marriage. That’s why this platform “KUNCHINFO is created to educate the masses and to bring out the best in our livelihood, in this same manner,  I urge the civilized one in the society to teach the uneducated ones on what a perfect marriage should look like. And i think this is also the more reason why the governments and society at large should look into this disastrous Relationship and find a better way to create more awareness on the negative side effects of Early marriage.

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