Hey guys!  Am here to share the easiest way to make one of my Delicious meal “Fried Rice”

But I would be discussing the perfect Homemade fried rice, if you had ever had one before, you would definitely understand how delicious it tastes.

First, let’s understand the tips needed to make a perfect fried rice

So let’s discuss the ingredients.  To make this fried rice recipe,

Get a bowl of boiled rice: may be foreign or local would be nice but I recommend that you should try the foreign one because it is always stone free. Just be sure that it is properly boiled and also remember to allow it to cool for sometimes.

Get some Eggs: eggs add extraordinary aroma and protein to the meal.

Onions, garlic, green peppers, Carrots, and peas: This is the base mix of vegetables that would be always necessary for fried rice preparation.

Oyster sauce: oyster sauce Is the main flavor promoter in fried rice…you can also get it from Amazon, order for one now.

Toasted sesame oil &Butter: The finishing touch in this recipe, which is a must.  You can also order it on Amazon….it is very important too.


First Scramble your eggs:
Using a small pan, crack them into small pieces as you can.  Then transfer the eggs to a different bowel.

Sauté your veggies including the garlic: Return your sauté pan to the warmness, and sauté the onions, carrots, peas, and garlic until soft and cooked through.

Mix the rice: Then turn the burner to high heat. melt the butter in the pan, and add the cooled rice, seasoning, and oyster sauce if you have one.  Then stir to mix with the veggies and persist stirring for 3 minutes until you discover that the rice and veggies are becoming brownish in color. remove the pan from heat. And stir in your green peppers, onions, sesame oil, and the crushed eggs.

Add salt. season with salt and pepper and any other extra sesame oil if necessary 

Then you are done, dish it up and serve to your friends and family! Don’t enjoy this luscious meal alone, make the vibes sweet get a fruit juice close to dilute the warm meal……isn’t this more than tasty? …..yes it is😋😃

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