There are many ways to make money online even  as a Nigerian student using your mobile phone, you don’t have to keep on spending your  time and data on irrelevant social media chats ,this covid-19 lockdown shouldn’t be an opportunity for you to waste most of your time watching movies and sleeping. You should understand that time wait for no man. as you wait patiently on school resumption also get something doing,invest on a buisness today you don’t know, it might become your source of joy tomorrow.

There are a lot of ways to make money online as a Nigerian student.But here are the legit ones that could be easier for you.

Some of them include:

(1) Freelance Writing✓

Freelance writing is one of the  top and easiest way of making money online, even as a student. You can be writing for people on, and many other available sites who needs freelancers.All you need to do, is to put in, a lot of efforts if you want to be making good money from it.

(2) Blogging✓

Blogging is one of the most lucreative way of cashing out money online and not only making money, you can use your blog to promote your affiliate links,. You can as well use it  for the promotion of your web and software development projects.

If you are good in writing that means you are so lucky because you can be writing on anything  fashion, business,  entertainment and some other things which could get the attention of your targeted audience.if you are interested on blogging you can visit, or for a proper registrations and if may be you need a personal assistant to guide you run this process perfectly,  you can forward your complaints with your number attached  to this e-mail

(3) Affiliate Marketing✓

Affiliate marketing is all about referring customers to sellers of products and services, and earning commissions from that it is also a better way of making money too online.

You can start an affiliate marketing buisness, by picking up  some affiliate marketing networks you’d love to work with.though Some of them would require you have a blog site or another defined source of traffic before you can work with them, while the rest just let you in to come and do your can also make a research on some affiliate marketing sites to get started.

(4) Digital Marketing✓

This is a modern age, and digital marketing is almost takingover the internet the name sounds It involves the marketing of digital products such as videos, ebooks and software.

There is nothing much involved in digital marketing,  you only need to be  good at it if you must make cash out of it as a Nigerian student digital can also try out learning how to be a Web developer, graphics designing or you either join the trending bit coin buisness..there a whole lot out there… make use of your time wisely and work on one of this today, don’t just keep on waiting for school resumption idle it may or might not even resume so soon.Nigerian educational system inclufing it’s economy should also serve as your motivation to work hard! don’t forget that which ever above mentioned business you join,  your competency, persistent, consistency and patience Really matters alot.

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