To some guys is obvious that most times the find it very difficult to understand what ladies expect from them on the bed before moving into sex, and this usually pend most guys with questions like,…. Does she really want a gentle approach or a rough ride? does she want a wild sex or an easy movement? If that has been bothering you, don’t worry anymore, our duty is to give you the best of what your lifestyle should look like😍 and today we assure you that those secrets questions will be answered as soon as possible,

However, here are the top five things ladies expect from you before having sex with them


Nothing is a massive turnoff than kissing a girl most especially on the neck, The kisses on the neck give her a quick wave of feelings to understand where the vibes are driving to. Only one kiss on the neck my brother is enough for you to experience the ultimate emotions am talking about.

(2). Undress her Slowly

When a lady is stimulated, she’s optimistic about the way she looks, and assurance is an attractive aspect you can feel secured mostly with your partner. When she is comfortable enough with you, to undress her by playing with her wears can get her crazier. Ladies enjoy it most when you take it slowly with them.

(3). Whispering

Loud sex talk can be fun, but impassioned whispers In her ears can really drag women over the edge. But Just be very careful so as not to say something that can ruin the mood.

(4). Gently press her Breast during romance.

The fact is most ladies do not like to be treated roughly. According to experts, It is well  known that the breasts rise slightly when a girl is active, as many vessels send blood into the surface of the skin through the capillary. That’s the more reasons you need to give them more compassion and sexually please her to the satisfaction she deserves.

(5). Make her feel desirable and special.

Every woman loves it when you make her feel as if she is the only girl in the world. women enjoy a full time massage before sex. Talk to your girlfriend and find out what gets her hot, that will enable you to convey that pleasure she needs directly to her. Trust me when you give her such feelings she will definitely return the favor to you. Though Women can be very strange, but always try to be patient, and understand exactly what your partner enjoys doing, before diving into sex with her, we hopefully believe that this article has pointed out the most important one’s to start with when she is around! Always stick to the plans and enjoy your relationship to the fullest💕.


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