Firstly, experts defined “FEAR”  as the threat of destruction. Which can be against our physical, emotional, or psychological well being, if not handled appropriately, The fear I am talking about is capable of weakening your immune system and even cause cardiovascular damages such as ulcer that can also result to quick aging and premature death. why would you keep on living in fear of the unknown 🤔when even up to 85% of them doesn’t occur .there is more to life than dying in fears,

Past few years ago, I was in a critical condition, I was totally lost in anxiety thinking about how I would survive in a city where i have no parents neither a sibling, 😢it wasn’t easy for me I  was much scared about losing my job then, cause that’s my only means of survival.

The worst happened September 5th, 2013, my manager was sacked by the director of the company where I was employed, it was a plastic producing firm precisely, the suspension of my manager left me so worried  I  couldn’t sleep at night because of the fear of the “unknown”, gradually I was living a life of mystery. Each time I look at myself in the mirror I became more upset about the kind of life am living.

One thing was certain. I keep on asking myself “why am I even scared when the director has not even sack me already”? “Why am I killing myself in what might not even occur”?  I decided to summon courage myself without waiting for anyone to advise me to change.

I decided to share out this true story with you guys to help you reduce the anxiety of life you are facing and I know most persons are already dying in this fears of the unknown.

Why not encourage yourself with this method that assisted me to get rid of mine👇

(1). Remember you have a God: yes during my difficult days I knew I had a living GOD and I kept on asking him to change my circumstances to blessings.  when I say there is a “living God” trust me he is alive. He is on your side and if it’s something you can’t disclose to anyone else you can  let him know, he is the maker of the whole universe. and there is power in prayers.

(2).don’t deal with it alone: still, I am also a type who had close friends and they assisted to reassure me of hope. don’t die in silent please spend time with your friends who are very good at making you a better person.

(3). Avoid negativity, Speak good of yourself: Avoid using negatives words on yourself, sometimes whatever you wish for yourself either positive or negative happens. Engage in Speaking favorable things over yourself. And control your mental thoughts with positivities.

(4).Lastly, face it: It is always easy to run in the opposite direction when it comes to fear of the unknown. We might end up running to whatever will allow us to avoid that feeling without actually handling it. But it is never the solution running away from such wouldn’t solve the problem but facing your fear will allow you to admit that you have so many responsibilities to take care of, and  it doesn’t hold power over you. And at last victory shall be yours✊


I hope this article would be of great motivation to encourage anyone else dealing with the fear of the unknown.

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