Firstly let’s understand that our skin is one of the largest organs in our body especially for absorption, which means any substance we apply on our skin is likely to be absorbed immediately into the bloodstream.

Do you know that according to the experts it is confirmed that any substance absorbed into the digestive system can be passed through our kidneys ?. Why the elements assimilated through the skin can be very difficult to remove from the body, yes because the move straight into the bloodstream unfiltered, and for the ladies, it can even be a major danger to your unborn babies, That is the major reasons why we need to be very careful in the cosmetics we use these days.

 Now Let’s identify sone harmful chemicals that are included in our skin products and avoid them totally.

(1) .Formaldehyde preservatives such as Diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidinyl urea, and methenamine, are commonly used in hair products, like preservatives and also as active components in most of our beauty products,  Formaldehyde is verified by specialists as one of the causes of cancer disease.

(2). Polyethylene glycols: they can be found in conditioners and deodorants, polyethylene glycol can be infected with 1,4-dioxane, which is capable of causing cancer.  they are not approved for use on any broken skins. In unusual cases, polyethylene glycol compounds can become contaminated with ethylene oxide—and that’s when it becomes a problem.

(3). Petroleum jelly or Vaseline: though this can keep your skin well hydrated, and that’s why it is frequently added to skin and hair care products. But it can easily become infected with carcinogens. Which can result to skin infections.

(4). Sodium Laureth Sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate: They are known as foaming agents used in dish soaps and foamy products like shampoos, (SLES )can be contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, which can also cause cancer and liver damage. It can also possibly become infected with the known carcinogen ethylene oxide. And it can be harmful to the skin.

(5). Triclosan: this is among the most outstanding toxins in the world of cosmetics, it is a very effective antibacterial chemical found in lots of beauty products such as hand sanitizers, laundry detergent, and toothpaste. Triclosan according to specialist is capable of accumulating in the body even after use and it turns to be a danger to our health. This information may seem a little bit overwhelming, but you have no choice rather than preventing these harmful toxins from getting into your body, and for you to be safe from cancer and many more skin infectionswe are really concern about your health and we wish you to be safer and stronger.

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