The study of Love says that You need not to focus much on where to find love, for love will definitely find you. This is Because your true love is the one who knows about everything that has to do with you including your shortcomings and still loves you. This set of persons are who finds your strengths and gives you encouragement, prove has shown that you might seem totally incomplete without such a person close to you. So, in order for true love to find you means that you must be your highest Self in every moment. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else, you need to withdraw to your true personality so that you can become a vibration match for the peaceful state of being which is love.

Below are key facts you need to know about true love:

(1). True Love never works where there are arrogance and pride, Set aside your someone who wished to be loved in return Be ready to set a new purpose for a more positive result.(2).True Love doesn’t work where there is anger. Anger will only lead to attack which might even get you to move into counter-attack resulting in hatred among the partners. In every single moment that arguments occur lay down your anger. Ask your self,  Is retaliation the way forward?? or is forgiveness a reasonable choice to go with? Be honest with yourself and follow your answers.

(3). True Love never works where there Is too much fault-finding.
Before you start blaming your partners in almost everything he/she does, first check yourself well if you haven’t done a similar act before,  remove the log in your own eye in order to see how you are just as guilty of the feelings for which you throw your decisions.

(4). True Love is not lust.

Don’t keep on deceiving yourself, true love can never be lust. The two have a very big gap. It is also simple to understand using the imagination as your tool to find out the meaning in what is short and what could last for a very long time. someone who truly loves you is never after your body but after who you are.

(5). True Love can never work out where there are lies. dating someone that lies a lot can be frustrating, it can make you withdraw every time you think of having a better future with him/her. in fact, there is nothing meaningful you can have with a liar. Because there won’t be any trust in such a relationship, 

For you to find your love, you really have to live the best of your life, always be upright in whatever you do, understand that true Love can only happen through quick understanding in the present moment you find yourself which would be  giving rise to non of your past life..that’s exactly what true love does😍

In your own opinion what do you see a true love as ?💕🤔

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