Sometimes people do see disappointment and setbacks as the worst feelings in life. Yea is true no one enjoys the state of been disappointed in whatever he or she intends to do. irrespective of what we believe about how embarrassing setbacks could be,  the truth remains that setbacks can add more motives, for you to attain to a greater height.

Let me share out this experience with you.

Some time ago, I had the opportunity to study Law in the UK and due to peer pressure  I decided to turn down the offer, all because I needed to complete my skills acquisition which my friends suggested, and that made me miss the wonderful opportunity of studying abroad. And when I realized I made a very mistake of not accepting the offer, It was already late, I cried out my eyes, but I couldn’t get back the offer.

But you know what? I decided to take these setbacks and mistakes as a chance to improve more in my dealings and that has helped my life to be filled with success.

Now, do you want to understand how setbacks can add more meaning to your life, and make you a successful person?  If yes, then you are on the right track! Take a look at this below👇 

1√ Setbacks make you work more harder!

I understand that I am not the only one who suffers heartbreak most especially when things goes wrong. In one of my difficult days I realized that when you work harder to rebuild the damage you made in your past,  you might end up achieving a better results than if you hadn’t failed in the first place.

2√. You become fearless
When you experience setbacks for the first time you become more strong. I remembered being so scared then, but when I knew that setbacks weren’t all that bad, I became more fearless and courageous in trying new things! Believe this once you face setbacks in any situation, you will know the unfortunate things that could possibly happen, which is so beneficial in taking possibilities to achieving your goal.

3√. Setbacks point out what doesn’t work out for you.                                                                 When your plans doesn’t work out the way you have slated it to be, the setback opens up your mind to many more experiences. Just like learning any skill acquisition, you are more likely to learn a particular step fully, if you keep on failing on that, you might decide to choose a different thing to do, than spending many years on what wouldn’t work out for you.

4√. Setbacks help in creating new opportunities for you!

If you had ever felt as if a chance was lost due to setbacks, there is every tendency that something else will definitely present itself that could be more better! When your heart desires doesn’t go as you wish it to be, it either makes you set your sights entirely on something else which can be more favorable than the opportunity you missed earlier. Never allow setbacks to bring you down, never feel like everything that has to  do with you has ended because of  failures in your career. Be strong enough to learn from your previous setbacks and try to be a better person!


Thanks for your time🙏

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