Do you wish to know why it seems that Lagos is the most famous city in Nigeria? Do you wish to know why most famous Industries, Celebrities, Businessmen, Bloggers including Kunchinfo based in Lagos?😊 Then you are at the best site why because we are here to provide answers to your secret questions 24/7 for your satisfaction is our concern.

However let’s get started with what you need to know about the Home of the Richest African man “Aliko Dangote”, anyways is quite obvious that most people still get irritated when the state “Lagos” is mentioned maybe because of the past belief that the city is always filled with touts and overcrowded making traffics too difficult for movement of the residents, lol but it is time to overlook the previous beliefs and think about what the present city looks like.yes you have to think out of the box to understand what you wish to know about the city Lagos! Kunchinfo presents to you the top five amazing facts about the city Lagos and it’s entertainment vibes.


(1). Lagos as the Africas’ home of Entertainment:

Is interesting to know that if you have got talent and you wish to establish and make a living out of it Lagos is a certain city for you. why because it has more than 15 entertainment industries including the Nollywood firm which is the largest, is no longer a fiction that the state remains the home of many famous persons, and industries in the country………so if you have acquired any skills Maybe dancing, singing even comedy then find your way to Lagos Nigeria.

(2). Lagos has the Highest Number of Billionaires in Nigeria
Yes, Lagos state also has a good number of Billionaires than any other state in Nigeria. Lagos state is occupying the only third place in the list of cities that has wealthy men after Johannesburg and Cairo.

(3). Lagos has Africa’s Longest Bridge.

Though the bridge we are talking about is currently undergoing maintenance which commenced on the 23rd of July 2020 and that’s the  “third mainland bridge”. this bridge connects Lagos Island to the mainland. There are a total of three bridges serving the same purpose and the names of the other two are Eko and Carter. But that of the third mainland bridge is the longest one in Africa. It was officially opened for transportation by President Ibrahim Babangida in the year 1990 and was constructed by Julius Berger Nigeria PLC.

(4).Lagos state as the fastest-growing state in the world. The state of Lagos is evaluated to be among the fastest-growing states in the world. Lagos is also responsible for stimulating Nigeria as one of the economic centers in Africa.

(5). Lagos is one of the best places to go for shopping, I know you must have heard about “ALABA INTERNATIONAL MARKET”😀yes it is constructed in the Ojo layout Lagos State, But From Lekki market to Bar Beach, Lagos is one of the biggest shopping centers in Africa unpaid to its position as a center of imports and exports. You can find almost any single or wholesale item you are looking for in Lagos, but be well ready to fight the crowds most especially in a place like Alaba International market,  it is also recommended that you go with someone who understands the environ more than you do.

We believe you have come to realize what exactly the famous city ” Lagos-Nigeria” looks like😊 yes that’s what we do, giving you the best in Lifestyles and Entertainment gist!

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