It is certain that due to the widespread of this deadly virus known as (Covid-19), a good number of us are in search for a better way to refine our health in other to be safe from the Coronavirus.
Still, a whole lot of guidelines such as  “physical distancing, and the wearing of face mask” have been put in place by the government to reduce the widespread of the coronavirus but we still have to help ourselves too.

Supporting our immune systems is very necessary, and that is the reason we decided to come up with this article.

Here are the five most important nutritional supplements to help boost your immune system.

(1). Colostrum

Colostrum is one of the most vital nutritious liquid with super immune system benefits found in the breasts of humans and other mammals in the days before the breast milk formulates. Alongside nutrients like proteins, and carbohydrates, it also includes substances like antimicrobial peptides and protein antibodies that your immune cells produce to fight off infectious diseases.

It is awesome for you to know that colostrum has been set apart for supplemental use so that we can enjoy its immune sustaining impacts.

(2). Garlic:

Garlic is a superfood with different health advantages. each time we eat garlic, there is always a compound called allicin that is formulated. This allicin is an unstable compound reliable for giving garlic aa scent, it can be fast to break down into sulfurous compounds that Researchers believe unleashes garlic‘s powerful antimicrobial, antibacterial and antiviral products. It is also believed that garlic boosts the immune system by constantly fighting of macro-organisms

(3). Zinc:

zinc is one of the most important minerals in the human body. 75℅ of people who lack zinc in their bodies are used to getting sick often and are more vulnerable to diseases. In our bodies, zinc is not only important for improving our immune system, but also helps to metabolize carbohydrates, stabilize blood sugar, and also supports healthy cholesterol in the body, It is also known to generate enzymes that break down proteins in bacteria and viruses making them less infectious. According to scientific analysis supplementing with zinc, every day reduced the experience of the common cold and if taken early with the beginning of symptoms it also helps to reduce its harshness to the human systems.

(4). Vitamin C:

Vitamin C plays an important role in proper immune function. It acts as an antioxidant protecting the cells from harm, from free radicals, and enhances the cell’s function while supporting the immune system to make fresh white blood cells that are capable of fighting infection.

Vitamin C can be found in fresh leafy greens, tomatoes, fruits such as oranges, and strawberries. Vitamin C can also help to reduce the effect of cold and it’s symptoms in our body.

(5). Vitamin D:

This Is a super important fat-soluble for our immune system and the upkeep of healthy bones. Vitamin D can help trigger the fighting power of our white blood cells and also helps to decrease rash. Vitamin D can prevent proper immune response leaving us susceptible to infection If left unchecked in the body.

Vitamin D can be found in foods like shrimp, oysters, tuna, egg yolks, milk, and mushrooms, It is very difficult to get all nutrients you need from food alone. Adding a supplement to your meals is the best and easiest way to make sure you are getting all you need for abetter living.

So in this COVID-19 era for us to be safer is to promote our health and well-being and give our immune systems a little nutritional assistance it needs.

we wish you to |stay healthy|stay safe| & and stay connected| 

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