If you have finally found the bone of your flesh, someone you love and wish to spend the rest of your life with😍. And she has finally accepted your marriage proposal it is all fine with you…. congratulations!!!

Well, the good news is that you can’t run away from the biggest celebration known as “wedding” unless you are a type who doesn’t see a wedding ceremony as a  necessity for a successful marriage.

But if you are just like me who loves everything that has to do with good vibes and merriment then you will always want to have a colorful wedding ceremony for yourself!

 I remembered vividly, back then 2009 how my uncle rushed into his wedding with his partner without considering the important things which he should have done initially before inviting his guests. At the end of everything most of his friends regretted showing up because they were so embarrassed about how the ceremony went.

As my beloved reader, I wouldn’t like you to experience the same thing just like my uncle. So before you rush into shortlisting what to buy for your ceremony including the numbers of drinks to buy, please try to figure out the kind of wedding event you can be able to organize. getting a clear vision of what your ceremony would look like, will enable your plans to be more easier and successful.


(1). MONEY

The money came first on my list because most of your plans including the booking of your venues will be based on cash, there is nothing you would like to take care of On that occasion that money wouldn’t be involved. So you may need to know how much you can spend on the whole event. You can start by knowing how much your income is and work out how much you can save by the end of everything. Thereafter, you can decide how much to reserve for your venue, I mean a venue that would be conducive to your guests. I will also advise you to discuss the issue of a venue with your partner to know how she will feel about your own location. 


Your guests are one of the most important factors to consider too. To avoid getting a venue or choice of a meal the wouldn’t like. So the easiest way to solve the problem of lack sits is to start by crafting a rough guest list and getting a better idea of how many persons can unexpectedly occupy a particular canopy or sits at a time. Think about that, because you can see a situation whereby a guest will like to come with his family members occupying upto five sits,

this particular guest can even make you to start experiencing lack of sits unless maybe there is a reserved one. So let’s take for instance, you are expecting to see up to 200 visitors in your occasion and eventually 250 showed up don’t be scared the fact that you have already had a thought about your guest and make plans for them will enable you to get a bigger hall that would accommodate everyone.


It is too obvious that most times locating a better venue could be more than stressful. At a point, you will even see most people get disappointed by there venue owners at that same day of there wedding, the venue owners might even try giving it out to some other organizations for money. So That’s why it is very important to be sure at first about the particular area you would like to have your wedding and make a proper enquiry, so as to be sure of what you are doing.

Planning for your wedding should be a desirable and lovely experience and not something you have to worry much about! But If you feel like getting tired of the whole thing, please just take a moment and break everything down to the level you can only afford.