Diet plays an essential role in our everyday life. Though Some are very good for our body system, whereas others can be dangerous to our health. And as a result of that, they should be totally avoided if you must live long.

Below are 5 unhealthy diets to avoid for you to live long.


A good number of us often eat pizza without even knowing the negative side effects of it. some pizzas contain high amounts of calories and fat. and excessive consumption of calories and fat is associated with a heart attack issues. So you should limit the number of times you eat pizza in a month most especially that of pepperoni.


Fried chicken includes sodium and fat. The fat adds calories in the body. However, High amounts of calories can obstruct arteries. at this point, the heart can find it very difficult to pump the needed blood into the body organs. Which can gradually result in high blood pressure and diabetes. For your own good reduce the amount of fried chicken you consume. 


The Sugar am talking about here can appear in different forms. It can be in terms of white sugar or artificial sweetener. Even at that, you should be able to know that Sugary meals should be eaten on normal levels. A high level of sugar in the body is associated with serious health conditions such as diabetes and Obesity. Therefore, Avoid excessive intake of sugary drinks and meals in other to avoid unnecessary illness.


French Fries are very tasty and can be found in most of the restaurants out there. but the are not good for the body. Why because, French fries include a high level of salt. Which is very terrible for the heart condition of our body system.


Ice cream can appear in various flavors. Besides, most of us fail to understand that ice cream contains saturated fat and sugar.which can result in weight gain. Also, the consumption of ice creams can increase your triglycerides levels. And High triglycerides level in the body can result in a serious heart attack. Reducing the number of ice creams and unhealthy diets you frequently consume can help you live longer.💪


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