Before getting married,  you might want to have a whole lot of conversations over many weeks or months with your partner,  most especially about a few questions to enable you to feel comfortable in the marriage, as well as share topics that will naturally emerge as soon as you proceed into marriage.

However, according to some personal understanding, they only see  “love” as the major reason for accepting a marriage proposal. but one thing for sure about love is that it requires constant communication, and understanding if you really wish to see it last forever but if you fail to, It might evolve into something that can be more complicated than you ever wish.


Here Are The Most Crucial Questions You Need To Know Before Getting Married To Your Partner.

1. Ask Your Partner If You Can You Handle Some Responsibilities Without His/Her Concept?
You should be able to get a decent answer to this question as you move through your dating years with your partner,

If your partner is a type who wouldn’t want you to have some privacy or spend time doing what you love; then just see it as a major sign of a kind of husband/wife the person might turn into in future.these  are not partners who are going to allow you to be free, before you’re married, As you discuss with your partner, be sure you’re also talking about how privacy means a lot to you and find out what he/she would have to say about that.

2. Find Out How He/She Handles Misunderstanding? discussing this topic is one of the major things you need to find out before moving into marriage with him

Though the answer could not be more clear because It’s not a matter of how much conflict you have that will determine what the final story of your marriage would look like, rather how you handle and express yourselves during those misunderstandings.

that’s the reason you have to talk about this with your partner on how you would want them to go, and also find out how they feel about conflict, is very necessary you understand this perfectly to avoid regretting tomorrow.

3. Ask Your Partner If He/She Can Turn Down A Meeting Offer If Maybe Any Of Your Kids Is Sick?
in most of the marriages, there is no doubt that ladies pass through a lot of hell just to run the house activities and childcare, but in normalcy is important for your partner to acknowledge that the both of you are in this together by picking up some house and children care activities.

discuss this particular question with him openly about how you each see yourselves as a future parent if you’re thinking about kids. And even if you aren’t planning on being parents, having a discussion about what kinds of household chores you are willing (or not willing) to do is important.

4. Lastly, Is There Anything You Are Not Willing To Give Up Once We’re Married? Ask Your Partner This!!!
In every healthy relationship, being sympathetic with each other, including respecting what each of you needs to prosper, is key to building a sustainable marriage. And there should be a limit to things which doesn’t suit your well being! try to find out if what he can’t stay away from can be comfortable with who you are!

in fact, anything that you see as being not okay to you must have a limitation. So Why not begin the discussion with your partner today?!!!🤔

But remember, if you must get the best answers you wish, please we advise you to start the conversations softly and gently. Avoid being harsh, and too curious most especially when you have something to say which you’re not properly sure of!


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