Sometimes, there is nothing more painful than ending up a relationship with someone you had thought you will spend almost the rest of your life with😪.  To most men breaking up a relationship with your girlfriend can automatically destroy your emotions, feelings, mood, and even get into your brain if care is not taken, most especially if you had sowed so much for the relationship to workout!

Truth must be told ladies Lifestyles are too complicated like I always say, that’s why i can’t possibly write all the guidelines that cover every aspect of a break-up issues. If you are reading this, just be assured that i can help you out with some effective tips on how to survive in this critical moment and bounce back to the real you. Breakup is not the end of your life.

• So don’t overkill yourself with hard drugs and alcohol: Alcohol and drugs, are in the moment distractions that are capable of prolonging your pains. Though Is quite certain that as a guy you would like to lean on any substances including weed, maybe just for you to get over  your lover, but always be careful not to be addicted to such act it could kill faster than a break-up!

• Try as much as possible to be a man:It won’t be fun though as everyone thinks guys don’t have feelings but we do😪, and you have no choice than to endure the pains and allow yourself to be alone for sometimes, use the opportunity of being alone to find a better way to improve yourself!

Avoid Your Ex Sometimes been too desperate to move back to a relationship can push you back to your previous girlfriend, but is bad it implies a lack of knowledge of the issues that caused the affair to end. And there is totally nothing you can do to force someone to love you or stick with you… there is no point of being too desperate to get back your ex.


• Stay away from Social Media or unfollow her!

Once you have finally decided on the break-up, once you have strongly accepted that the both of you can’t be back again, then your first duty should be to get out of her social media. Unfriend her,to avoid you being more upset with her pictures and status, because according to my observations, I found out that most ladies tend to get more prettier each time they break up with their boyfriends….so avoid viewing her WhatsApp status as much as you can… doing so can help you survive and live longer without much heartbreaks.


SUMMARY: After you must have gotten through these emotional pains, my brother the next thing to think  about , is what you’ve to do with your life! And that’s the most important thing as a man. Don’t spend most of your time thinking about the break up take a bold step toward moving your career forward.✊work consistently on your passions, monetize anyone if possible, make your self a happy being, and when the money comes ladies wouldn’t wish to break up with a guy like you!✍️ 


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