Most times we become so busy in our different schedules that we often forget to take good care of our skin, most people even find it difficult to apply creams after bathing. If you fail to take the proper care of your skin how would you expect it  to glow? Lack of proper maintenance of your skin can make it look so dull that you wouldn’t wish to have.


However, i understand that your lack of proper maintenance might be because of a good financial ability but it shouldn’t stop you from practicing the easiest way to take care of your skin which I will be dropping below!

• Masking

Face masks are likely the first thing you should think of using when you want to brighten up your skin, i have tried it out sometime ago, so whenever my skin gets dull  I go for something glowing such as Bobbi Brown’s Radiance Boost Mask, Drunk Elephant Sukari Babyfacial or, my most-loved face mask: Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask.

Radiance Boost and Babyfacial are good at brightening up the skin and both are resurfacing masks. This means that they’re good at exfoliating the skin, which can enhance a dull skin to get more brighter.

• Try Out Lactic Acid.

Lactic Acid is a similar product that is less irritating and much more affordable. Both target the same skin issues. However, Good Genes brings instant results, while TO’s Lactic Acid has to be used long-term to make a noticeable difference. For those who are new to acid products, it’s always best to start with a gentler formula and build your way up to higher concentrations.

• Take Enough WaterThough Dry and dehydrated skin is not the same. Because dry skin produces less oil why dehydrated skin lacks water, not oil. This means that your skin can be oily, but still dehydrated! So if your skin is dehydrated, remember to drink enough water and get yourself a humidifier. This can often make a better difference in your skin than any serums, creams, and masks can do. Lastly, also remember that enough sleep, a healthy diet, and good stress management can also play an important role in glowing your skin.