It’s no longer news that almost every year most of the casualties and deaths recorded in different parts of the world are always sponsored by fire outbreak. Sometimes it happens right at home and spread up faster than you can think. Safety should be your major priority in whatever you do,  both at home and in our working places.

Here are tips on how to prevent fire outbreak at Home.

• Always Be Close To The Kitchen When Cooking!!!

Do you know that cooking fires are the common cause of fires outbreak in the home? Yes it is, why because in some places you will observe that people will place their food on the stove and move to there room or somewhere else to chat most especially the ladies, and before the could remember the have something on top of the fire, it must have overboiled and even tend to result to fire outbreak

And If you are a careless type who can’t even remember you have something on the fire at all,  it could even burn down the whole roof before you could come back from where you left the kitchen to.

For you to prevent this,  you should learn to be close to the kitchen and its cooking appliances such as stove, gas cookers, electric stove, and firewood lights for those of us still using it.

• Organize Your Kitchen Utensils And Keep Them Away From The Stove! Things like plastics plates and cups, wooden utensils, and food packaging shouldn’t be left on top of the stove gas cooker or stove. Always be conscious of this!

Always Becareful With Candles!!!

Candles could be more dangerous than you think, despite how beautiful it seems to look like when turned on!  Let me share this story with you guys!!!

It was a cold night back then 2011 July 16 precisely,  there was no NEPA that night so I lighted up a candle and slept off, I never knew it was very close to my bedspread… A few hours later I began hearing the echo of my name in the dream. I was in a very deep sleep,  but I managed to open my eyes to know what is happening!

To my greatest surprise, it was my junior sister and mum who were in my room trying to calm down the already burning fire on my bedspread…. immediately the dizziness in my eyes left I was very scared because I would have been totally burned down into ashes that night by candlelight but God saved my soul through my mum and sister.

Since then I became more careful with anything that has to do with fire including candles

I love💕 my audience and readers and wish them to be safer✊ that’s why I would advise you guys!!

✓ Avoid the use of candles in the bedroom and other places where people may fall asleep.

✓ Always place candle holders on an uncluttered surface and use candle holders that won’t tip over easily.

√ Lastly, keep off clothing and accessories away from the candle flame.

Safety should be a major concern to all humans, always remember to share out this with your loved ones! 

Stay safe 💪