Most times is necessary we acknowledge where we are in life and give gratitude to God for how far we have gone. Being human is not really easy, sometimes we might end up looking at other people’s achievements without thinking about a better way to invest in our own life. However, It is simply okay to set some of your expectations based on what you see your mates are achieving. Because it will give you more motivation to work hard believing that someone else has done it and succeed, therefore you will succeed too.

But living your life in a rush isn’t the best idea to go with. So it is necessary to know the reasons behind you being too in a haste over everything and stop them.

Here Are The Major Reasons Why Your Life Seems To Be In A Rush.

1. YOU WANT TO FEEL AMONG: sometimes we feel underrated in life, we feel isolated because of poverty, and we feel that if we could rush and hustle over whatever we are into then our life could get better….sometimes it might work out the way you wish, and sometimes you might end up dead..always be careful and never allow what people say rush you.

2. COMPETITION:  in this, you only watch your mates to examine your own success maybe by secretly glancing through their social media post to see which shoe or cars he has acquired recently so that you can go and get yours😁it doesn’t really sound funny, living such life would make you end up grinding even harder than expected just to achieve greater things faster than your friends.  

3.BEING TOO DESPERATE:  yes it is awesome to have targets too, but being too desperate and ambitious over wealth is something else. You have to learn how much work it takes to accomplish your dreams. knowing fully well that nothing good comes easily, There will always be a  sacrifice to pay.

In conclusion: Always try to be grateful to God for how far you have gone! And in order to make it to the top, you need to work your way up. you may not enjoy the stress and sleepless nights you are going through now, but you should keep on pushing while you can. And remember, no matter what you are doing, there is always something to take away from every situation.


Hope you have gotten the answers to “why your life a still in a rush? Have you also understand why you need to calm down ??? If YES let us know, if NO still drop a comment for us below👇

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