Happy Sunday my wonderful readers! I believe today’s service was a blessing to you?

And we have finally moved into the last Sunday of the month of August 2020 oo that’s so interesting😍 , in the same spirit, all thanks to God for the gift of life.🙏

Now let’s get down to the business of the day!

Most times Being stuck at home is not that easy to survive oo to a good number of us, mehn most especially to my fellow student who are still at home waiting for the exact date for school resumption I really feel your pains, it is not merciful at all.

However, this article might also be essential to my potential graduates who are already tired of social media and online businesses that have failed to pay😥 still, I need you to understand that I have you guys at heart and that’s one of the reasons I am also trying to come up with a better way to be more helpful during this complicated and difficult time.

Below are a few things I have shared out so far that can help your day more profitable and lively when stuck at home.


In fact, this is the best time to keep your body and muscles in a good shape, try out different kinds of home workout as much as you can do. Including push up which is my favorite workout. Though I honestly need to step up my game when it comes to push up because most times I manage to hit up to 25 -30 push up at a time but am not still that okay with my performances. All I wish is to see myself strike up to 50 times this upcoming month…Push up is very helpful most especially to our upper body and muscles. You can still perform better than I if you give it a try. making it your early morning routine and consistent practices just like me can still take you a long way.


Yes, it is necessary to use this opportunity to clean out the dirt in your drawers and rearrange your cupboards where a lot of random stuff tends to accumulate, it really worth committing your time and energy to make it look amazing.


This holiday has been so fun to me like seriously  I’ve been learning some of the TikTok dances including popular Zanku moves, what an excitement😀imagine getting your mind out of everything that has to do with Nigeria school resumption date and keep yourself lively with Tik Tok dances it can be more than exciting for you if you should give it a shot today, it is just easy to start. all you have to do is to subscribe to Tik Tok or youtube videos and watch people do it over and over again by so doing you will get to learn more of your favorite dancing steps within a space of time,.


Were you guys surprised to see this on my list? No, you shouldn’t be😀 it is a necessity provided you are still an undergraduate you are expected to cover up most ofthe topics which your lecturers couldn’t finish before the lockdown.

To be honest using this period to improve more in your studies can be more productive to you than you can ever imagine. For now, you might not really understand how far you have gone till school resume and maybe you get to discover that most of your mates are still lagging behind all because the spent most of their time at home having funs.

For me, In this period, my reading most times is not limited to just Biochemistry or Microbiology Textbooks, I read even my Bible, and combining the word of God with textbooks gives more inspirations that a person needs in his/her everyday life. Each time am down in spirit I will always plugin to my favorite Inspirational blog(Lovesoamazingin.blogspot.com) I love everything am reading from that blog site it keeps my soul happy and free from burdens. OMG, it seems you guys are really missing a lot in this holiday oo? But it shouldn’t be so! one thing is certain once you find time to practice any of these tips I shared out you won’t be left stuck for the rest of your days at home!

Guys, I assure you that, this new month will be filled with joy and God’s favor,all round prosperity 😊 in fact, something big is coming  your way this September💕 Happy new month to you all in advance😯


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