Hey guys!!! finally, it seems the whole Covid-19 issues are getting over, The federal government has started making plans on how to successfully resume schools across the nation without imposing any health risk to the general public. It is a welcome development indeed and I commend them on their efforts to see that we students get back to our various institutions of learning.

But for most students, the issue of reopening of schools isn’t their choice, most of the student wishes if the government could even forget about  it till next year which is 2021,  yeah it is all as a result of them not been prepared for the resumption

Many of the students are finding it so difficult to read and understand easily just like they do before the lockdown. I’ll be honest to you, I really understand what you guys are passing through However, am still one of you. and I know that the smart ones have already started reading sooner enough in preparation for the school resumption. Though many still find it very difficult to understand what the are reading which is as a result of the long stay at home. But I believe that sharing out these few tips with you guys would help to go along away in your studies.

So here are my ideas to enable you to successfully get back to your books and understand what you are reading very easily and faster!


 Most of us do spend a whole lot of time which we are supposed to use in sleeping on social media and watching Netflix movies, so tell me, how would you want to understand what you are actually reading when you don’t have enough time to sleep at night? It is is not possible to understand because, by the end of the night you will already be exhausted and very weak to do something else.

so if you wish to get back to your books then do whatever it takes to get at least 8-9 hours of sleep at night.


Exercise really helps a lot, even if its cold outside, try to get up and exercise a little bit at least doing it twice in a week can help you to keep your brain’s cells active for a good knowledge of your studies.

Taking of alcohol more than your brain can carry is very bad it can actually lead you to start  misbehaving, so avoid friends who will always want to take you out for a party just to drink and have fun. in fact, a time like this is not okay for alcohol in your body system especially in this period you are trying to get back to your books. As matter of fact Covid-19 has taken a lot from us, so as a student you really have to understand that, and be discipline enough to face the reality.


You really have to energize your body by eating a balanced diet when it is necessary, I am not saying you should overfeed yourself please to avoid dizziness. So eat because there is no how you are expected to be understanding what you are reading when you are hungry and weak, we all are humans so we need food to survive. Eat at the right time, have enough sleep at night then when awake you can pick up your books and do justice to it. It’ll definitely help you!!


So before now, which of the bove-mentioned tips have you been doing?

Feel free and share it with us here👇

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