At some point in life, you might be stuck on how things are going down with you. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, you aren’t the first person to have such an experience, but it is time to remind ourselves about what matters most in life it could also be the best cure for self depression.

It is also a better way to release tension and truly remember why you do what you do. Reminding yourself about the most powerful aspect of life gives you a chance to assess the past and the present while preparing for the future. And as a matter of fact, it also enables you to optimize your courage to chase your dreams.

Here Are The Most Powerful Things To Remind Yourself This Week


Your time is one of those things you can’t get back, or create when is gone. So plan your daily activities properly don’t prioritize your schedule. striving hard to get what you want is good but when you associate your self-worth to how much of that to-do list you’ve crossed off each day, things get out of balance. don’t just get yourself so busy that you forget to spare out some time to create a meaningful life for yourself.



The exact difference you want in your family lies in the ability of your consistency in what you are doing. Keep on doing what you do over and over if you want the same result. I understand that there would be a lot of challenges to pull you down but it never remains permanent. Stop thinking and just keep on pushing.


you were born extraordinary and unique in your own way, having a different gift from your friends but it will never become a reality in your life until you believe it to be so and work towards achieving it. 

It is important you remind yourself this week that “I’m not going settle for the less despite the kind of family background am coming from” as you will be saying this today also be focus enough in achieving it because success is a journey, not a destination, it does not have a specific limit to attain.

So today happens to be the first day of the week and also the last Sunday of the month of September,so what is still holding you back from telling yourself  “I will not settle for the less even in my career, my workplace, my business, my relationships and in my academic activities” I don’t think there is anything serious to keep you away from declaring that. whatever good you speak for yourself in faith so shall it be unto you!


Happy Sunday guys😊💓

I hope you are already inspired to do greater things this week? 

How often do you remind yourself how unique you are?

Please share your thoughts with us below👇, many are eager to learn from your life experience too!