There is no particular way of avoiding the pains of a breakup most especially with the person you had wished to spend your entire life with, the one you love, the person you always want to die for. Ouch…… that really sucks to see that special one Breakup with you when you aren’t even ready for such experience.

But it is now a memory you can’t bring them back since they have already made their own decision, they have gone their own way, so the best you can do for yourself is to recover from the pains and move on with your life.

So I will be sharing out few tips on knowing the best time to move on with someone else you love, but first, it’s very important to reflect back on what ended up your previous relationship!!!, ask yourself what brought about the breakup with your ex? Is there anything you haven’t been doing right that got your partner pissed off? Have you fixed that negative side of you?, What kind of person do you even need?

These are the few things you really need to check out for before moving into a new relationship with someone else. it is also one of the best time to analyze your readiness for your next relationship.

• So before you move into a fresh start with someone else, make sure you have work on yourself don’t just rush into a new relationship all because you are scared of been lonely or you want to make your ex feel jealous seeing you with your new partner. It shouldn’t be so, be patient enough to spend some time alone while working on your flaws.

Though It is quite true that most people after a Breakup end up feeling guilty over what the failed to do in order to keep their relationship active, some end up with fears of never finding true love again, all these thoughts are there to pull you down. Stop believing in that and work on your self-composure before getting to stick with someone else.

• Getting to Know the best time to move on with someone else after a Breakup also includes asking yourself the kind of partner you need to be with? Someone who deserves your heart.!

before the Breakup there is what resulted in that decision by one of you, maybe your partner never trusted you enough, maybe he or she is someone who doesn’t take advise from you!, Never cared about what your feelings are!! I don’t believe these are the set of persons you still want to be the individual you are currently crushing on, does he/she make any difference? This is one of the important questions you need to sit back and ask yourself before moving into a new relationship. 

No matter how lovely or badly your previous relationship went there are always a few lessons you must have learned so far from it. So analyze those lessons and apply the right ones when needed in your next relationship, the ones that had wanted to kill your joy maybe you tried showing much love and your partner never appreciated it, please avoid doing that in your next Relationship only show love and forgiveness to those who will give you back in return.

If you might have done wrongly in your previous relationship fix your lifestyle the way it should be, if you are a type who suffers from anger issues then you have to work on it too, don’t just wait to forward it to the next relationship because your partner might still get pissed off with such attitudes someday which can still result into a breakup! No one needs a troublesome relationship, everyone enjoys a romantic, caring, and loving relationship,  and everyone deserves to be respected.

So have you finally moved on? Or  you are still suffering the pains of Breakup?😁 please share your thoughts with us below 👇!